Overview and Repository Structure

The development process is considered to be in one of three stages:

- The developer is testing features that are under consideration for inclusion in JAT or learning how to use some features

- A feature has been selected for inclusion in a future release of JAT and is currently made ready for release

- A feature has been released.

The subversion repository structure reflects that process:

Code that is used just to test something or to learn a new library, but is not yet intended for future release, is kept in the branches/jatexperimental folder.

Code that is under development and intended for a future relase is kept in the branches under the branches/jatdevelop folder. When the code is ready for release, it is moved to the trunk/jat folder.

Code that is in the most recent release is in the trunk/jat folder.


Starting at the root, the subversion repository has the following folder structure:

--+-- branches --+
  |              |
  |              +-- jatdevelop    
  +-- tags
  +-- trunk    --+
                 +-- jat --+-- src
                           +-- data
                           +-- dist
                           +-- lib
                           +-- zip 


Data that are used by JAT are stored in the trunk/jat/data folder. Some of the data files are large, and the separation of code and data keeps the core jar files as small as possible.